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Here at Pirouette we strive to teach our gymnasts to become the best possible versions of themselves. The sport of rhythmic gymnastics teaches them how hard work and dedication will bring them the most success, all while building long lasting friendships. Pirouette RG Club is and will always be a second home to our gymnasts no matter where their life takes them. So what are you waiting for? Join #TeamPirouette Today!


 Recreational – Locations and Schedule

We are pleased to offer training at Pirouette’s new location, The Pirouette Studio on Saturday mornings.

 3500 Fallowfield Rd, Suite 1D, Barrhaven, Nepean, ON, K2J 4A7

Beginner 1 hour/week Ages: 4-6
Beginner 1 hour/week Ages: 7-9
Beginner 1 hour/week Ages: 9+
Advanced 2 hours/week

COVID-19 Safety, Sanitation, Regulations and Procedures

Upon returning to in-person training, there will be strict sanitization procedures and health protocols in place: 

– The studio will be completely sanitized before we start to train there; the carpet and all surfaces. After each training all surfaces and carpet will be sanitized again.

The washroom will be cleaned and disinfected frequently as is necessary to maintain a sanitary condition. (Before and During classes)

– The carpet will be divided into squares for each gymnast to secure 2m distance following Gymnastics Ontario directions. According to GO directions we can fit 14 gymnasts on the carpet which is much more than our class sizes 

– We will have a thermometer gun at the entrance and all gymnasts and coaches will have their temperature taken. 

– Upon arrival gymnasts and coaches will be provided with a large garbage bag and they will place all their personal belongings in it and hang it at the entrance area to avoid cross contamination.

– Face masks are mandatory for common areas as well as coming in and leaving the Studio.

– Gymnasts will have to wash hands upon arrival to Studio and frequently during classes. There will be no contact/touching between the coach and gymnasts and gymnast and gymnast.

– We would like to stress that the studio is our own facility and no other than Pirouette gymnasts and coaches have access to it. This will allow us to have complete control over the sanitation protocols and procedures.

– All parents will receive a Covid screening protocol that has to be returned to Pirouette before your child enters the gym. We love to have you kids back in the gym with us and will do maximum for everyone to feel safe in this environment.