Our Coaches

Head Coach

Eva Sokol

Eva has over 30 years of coaching experience, from recreational to high performance programs. She is a former rhythmic gymnast for Czechoslovakia, and has trained gymnasts on provincial and national teams, the Canada Winter Games, the Western Canada Summer Games, and the Canadian teams for the World Gymnaestradas. Eva founded Pirouette RG Club in 1996. She is a certified NCCP Level 3 coach as well as an AGG judge. In 2017 she was recognized for an award presented to an individual for outstanding volunteer service to the sport of gymnastics in Ontario, in the area of coaching, judging or administration for a period of 10 years or more.

Provincial RG coach

Vendula "Wendy" Zamorska

Vendula was a former gymnast of the Czech national team in rhythmic gymnastics for 6 years. She has participated in several European and World Championships. Vendula started her coaching career in 2012 as an assistant coach in Czech for the novice national team. For the 2015/2016 season, Vendula coached the Czech senior national team. Vendula coached for Pirouette RG Club in 2013/2014 and returned to Pirouette in July 2016. She is currently a NCCP level 2 coach and Provincial RG judge.

agg coach

Amy Charbonneau

Amy joined the Recreational program at Pirouette in 2002. The following year she entered the club’s competitive program and has participated in numerous Interclub competitions as well as national & international gymnaestradas. Amy currently coaches our Provincial and Interclub Aesthetic Group Gymnastics (AGG) teams. Amy is a NCCP level 2 coach as well as a judge. She has been coaching at Pirouette RG since 2011.

Gymnaestrada Coach

Anna Sokol-Corbett

Anna has over 15 years of coaching experience. She has coached Pirouette’s recreational and competitive programs, Aesthetic Group Gymnastics and consults Pirouette on various choreography projects including provincial, national and international Gymnaestrdas. Anna is a former National rhythmic gymnast and has participated in world, national and provincial competitions and Gymnaestradas. Anna is a NCCP Level 2 Coach.

Ballet coach

Irina Shivrina

Irina is originally from Russia where she graduated from Arts University with a Bachelors degree in Choreography. She has spent years performing professionally in dance groups. From 2000 until 2008 Irina shared her time between leading the kids fitness programs at Planet Fitness in Russia while at the same time she continued increasing her experience as a choreographer. Irina also worked in Italy as a ballet teacher before moving to Canada. Irina is Pirouette RG clubs ballet coach for all of our competitive gymnasts and consults our individual gymnasts with their choreography. 

INTERCLUB Rg Coach (Seniors)

Cassidy Klepsch

Cassidy was a former competitive gymnast with Pirouette for many years. Since starting University she has continued her passion of the sport by coaching. Cassidy has competed in many Ontario AGG and RG Individual competitions. She has also participated in the Winnipeg 2010 and Calgary 2014 national Gymnaestrada’s. Cassidy coached Pirouettes 2018 Canadian Gymnaestrada team. Cassidy is currently an NCCP level 2 trained coach.

Interclub rg Coach (juniors)

Kaitlyn Klepsch

Kaitlyn has been competing with Pirouette since the age of 8. She has competed provincially in Individual and AGG. She has attended many competitions like Ontario Provincial Qualifiers/Championships, Salut Cup International as well as Eastern Championships. She has also taken part in two Canadian Gymneastradas. Kaitlyn is currently attending college for Health and Fitness Promotion and hopes it will help her bring success to the future rhythmic generations to come. Kaitlyn is currently a NCCP level 2 trained coach.

Assistant Coaches

Emily Russell-Recreational Coach, NCCP Foundations
Willow Rousseau-Recreational Coach, NCCP Foundations
Jaime Fleming-Recreational Coach, NCCP Competition 1 Trained
Laura Vandenberghe- Pre-Competitive Assistant Coach, NCCP Competition 1 Trained